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When visiting my grandmother's house as a child I remember fondly the delicious foods she often prepared for the entire family. The wonderful flavors and smells of her amazing dishes helped me understand the traditions and culture of the land they left behind and the home I had never seen. Having been among the first generation of Cubans born in the U.S. after the exodus of the late 1950s, I was fortunate to have the chance to taste the traditional foods as they were prepared in Cuba. This gave me a unique appreciation for the importance of preserving the history and passion each dish conveys.

Cuba has a rich cultural heritage from which have arisen culinary traditions that are as vibrant and varied as the different cultures that have contributed to the development of its delicious cuisine. Cuban food has a vast and varied culinary inheritance derived mainly from the Spanish who colonized the island, the Africans who were taken there as slaves and the Chinese, who came still later as laborers. They all brought their traditions and flavors to Cuba's tropical paradise and created a rich and extraordinary fusion of foods. Cuban cuisine includes flavorful meat and rice dishes, soups, seafood and desserts of all kinds. The subtle flavors of the foods are enhanced by cooking and spicing methods designed to bring out the best in each component of a dish. The culinary traditions of Cuba are not only a delight to the tongue, but they also offer a fascinating glimpse into a culture that has brought together many varied elements to create a cohesive whole.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing you at our beautiful restaurant and coffee house.

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